Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hello Kitty for Dr Marten's. Yes Please.

I was told recently that I am suffering from a ‘case of Benjamin Button’. Not only do I seem to appear younger with each birthday (I have been ID’d further than ever, and have more of a baby face then I did when I was 16) but also I cant seem to give up my childhood sweethearts. No, no Jared Leto, the ‘My So Called Life’ dream-boat, but the Sanrio characters - In particular my fanatical love of Hello Kitty. I have been following Sanrio fanatically this year due to its 50th anniversary, trying to collect all anniversary material and such like. You can imagine my joy, when I heard that in July their collaboration with Dr Marten’s will be hitting the stores. The three piece collection is sure to be a sell out….I just hope I get my mitts on them before they are gone.

The whole concept is rad, I love the idea of Hello Kitty crossing over with the grungey punk style of the 80's. I cant quite decide between the black or white pair. I love them both - I just wish they weren't coming out during the summer season. I guess I will just have to team them up with a cute vintage floral dress from Urban Outfitters and these Emmanuelle Khanh sunglasses available at Net-a-porter.

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