Wednesday, 12 May 2010

It's a Family Affair.

Talking about weddings, I have been feeling ever so romantic and strangely ever so broody recently. Oh no. Calm down though, I am only 24 and don’t plan on doing anything concrete for many years yet. Anyway today I was asked by my friend who is getting married what I would choose to do. She was, well let’s say shocked when I said I pretty much had everything planned already. Thought it was normal for a girl to dream about their wedding day and want it exactly right. Alas, I ended up feeling like Muriel from Muriel’s wedding. A freak that had planned the engagement and wedding before her boyfriend even knew about it.

I will indulge you. I want to be proposed to in a corn field, with this amazing Christian Dior ring. Also it costs less than £600 so no excuses to get it right.

Then I want a Chapel wedding in the Countryside. I have planned the music and everything. Weirdo! Also I super duper want this vintage Emma Domb satin dress. Oh my, its stunning.

Well I will have to wait a few years (or not) for this. Until then I will have great fun celebrating all of the upcoming weddings - as a drunken guest.

p.s I have practised the perfect wedding kiss. ABSOLUTE CRINGE!

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