Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Zooey Deschanel. Stole. My. Heart. GIRL CRUSH#3

So I have had a love affair with Zooey Deschanel for about two years now. Before I discovered her band She & Him, she had captured my heart through her acting. Right now she trumps all previous girl crushes. Not only because of her style, but her kooky indie style, 70's folk inspired songs and sheer vulnerable girliness yet vixen style. Her shaggy brown fringe and hypnotizing blue eyes makes her irresistable.

I have never seen a girl on screen with such quirkiness, unleash such heartbreak on boys. I so admire her for such things. I was once like this, and then one rotten apple peeled it away. Feeling back to my Zooey espque state, I feel tip top, and look up to this strong female that makes kooky and geeky the epitome of sexy. What it should be.
I had seen a few of her movies, hence decided to order the back log of amazon to catch up on a lazy Sunday. The first I watched, was ‘All the Real Girls’, made in 2003. Again Zooey was on form with faultless acting, resounding looks, flawless ‘indie’ style, and on true form in the film, she left strong grown men powerless to her seduction - at only 16.
I recommend this film for any Deschanel fan. Although, the story line can be slow and predictable in diminutive areas, Deschanel is raw, emotive and definitely on form. You will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to finish the ZD marathon.

Also last year she married Ben Gibbard – my hero singer and songwriter. What a perfect couple. Just wish I could have seen the wedding photos, but good on you Zooey for not selling out! I’ll leave you with one of my favourite Death Cab for Cutie songs, and say tara for now!

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