Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I Heart Etsy

I have been a busy Betty of late and havent had anytime to update my blog - must be better from now on. I have have lots of exciting things to write about, so when I have more time I will overwhelm you will useless information about parties, designers, restaurants, the theatre and other shennanigans. I promise to update more. For now these are my recent items I have purchased of etsy. The independent website for all those crafters out there.

These beautiful tattoo inspired prints from Made by Lauren B

This suitacse is amazing. Its an 80's vintage Minnie Mouse - how perfect for a weekend in Sweden!

I already have a cover similar to this but this definately trumps it! She makes loads of amazing ones but they ain't cheap. Eeeeek. Check out My Sprinkle Factory.

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